Kitesurfing Holidays Punta in Trettu Sardinia

Are you considering the idea to take a Kitesurfing Holiday? In this case you may take in consideration to enjoy the fantastic kite spot of Punta Trettu in Sardinia, Italy.

Where is located the kite spot of Punta Trettu?

Punta Trettu is around an hour from Cagliari, located near the village of Matzaccara, district of San Giovanni Suergiu, in the south west of Sardinia Island.

Caractheristics of Punta Trettu

Independently from the wind strength and direction, the character of Punta Trettu Kite Spot can usually be described with flat and shallow water. By adding that the wind is almost always steady, we can say that this spot is perfect for kitesurfing, for all levels, from beginners to advaced riders. Especially the beginners, can profit from the shallow and flat water for learning fastly and easily.

Here under, they can be found listed the main feauter of Punta Trettu Kite Spot.

Punta Trettu Kite Spot Features

  • Spot type: kitesurfing
  • Required Spot level : beginners
  • Water: flat and shallow water
  • best wind direction: NW, SE
  • Beach: sand, grass.

Good accommodations can be found directly at Punta Trettu. If there is availability, we suggest you to book an accommodation at the Punta Trettu Kite Centre by KiteGeneration.

There is a Camp Village but is open only in the summer and it seems not official.

Kite Schools for your Kitesurfing Holidays in Punta Trettu

In Punta Trettu there are several Kite Centre. They also offer kite courses and services, of course, and in some of them, like the Punta Trettu Kite Centre by KiteGeneration, you can also spend the night on their accommodations.

Our Advice on Punta Trettu

Visit this spot if you like to kite and to learn to kitesurf with a good kite community and if you like to meet other kiters. There are super nice people at the kite spot and you will be warmly welcomed.

The spot is a good choice all year round with the right wind direction, since it is all about kiting and not annoying bathers disputing the beach.

And best of all, you are welcome at this spot all year round as a kiter and has no complicated tourist rules.